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Featured Brand of the Week: Allbirds

We’re TWO STEPPIN’ and PIGGY-DIPPIN’ into a style that is sustainable, comfortable, AND brandable (gasp)! 

My Kings, Queens, readers of the blog, fashion-forward is the day we stand together, lace up our kicks, and combat the devastation of our ecosystem with a spotlight on the sustainable shoe brand ALLBIRDS. It’s a collision of epic proportion – comfort, style, sustainability, & sexiness. 

We know you're thinking right now, “What’s the razzle-dazzle delight with this Allbirds brand you speak of?” Well, allow us to spill the lentils. (Staying on the earthy-crunchy theme here, ya feel?) 

Imagine a pair of sneakers so unbelievably comfortable that you have thoughts about wearing them to bed. You feel as though you are walking on clouds like a god/goddess above. The way these sneakers are crafted is truly a testament to Allbirds’ innovation and sustainability. These puppies for your piggies use materials like renewable merino wool and eucalyptus tree fiber. Plus, they’re carbon-neutral which means they leave behind minimal environmental footprints – talk about walking the eco-friendly walk! 

Keychains and pens are fun and all, but we’re stepping into a whole new world (queue the magic carpet) of promotional creativity with Allbirds shoes!  The brand covers a versatile range of footwear, whether your team is hitting the gym, strolling the office, casually networking at an event, or exploring the great outdoors. Their wide range of styles and gorgeous neutral colors is just a small reason why we love this brand so much. 

Let your company, employees, customers, and even your great papa Eugene take strides in style and sustainability by gifting a pair of these customized Allbirds! Heat press your logo on the side or add a woven tag with your logo to the tongue. Either way, it's time to make a statement, stand out, and walk on the wild side of the promo world...who’s with us?! 

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