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Featured Brand of the Week: Ocean Bottle

Let’s face it, the world needs some TLC when it comes to our environmental woes! Troy Bolton once said (#ikyk), “we’re all in this together!”, and it’s time to bring back that motto - ESPECIALLY when it comes to the woods we walk in and the air we breathe! 

With the everyday chaos of life, we understand it might seem overwhelming to join things like a beach cleanup - and the majority of us truthfully just don’t have the time. So for our people that have a lifestyle that never slows down, but still want to contribute to helping our Earth, we’ve got just the thing for you! Let us introduce the brand Ocean Bottle.

Of course a reusable water bottle is a simple way to take a step towards a more sustainable and cleaner future, BUT Ocean Bottle has a deeper mission at their core. With the purchase of just ONE Ocean Bottle, you are funding the collection of 25 lbs of ocean-bound plastic (which is equivalent  to the weight of 1000 bottles)! And it doesn’t end there – Ocean Bottle also works with people all over the world to stop the flow of plastic pollution at its source in rivers and coastal waterways. Through their work, these plastic collectors exchange plastic for money and get access to social resources such as healthcare, education, mental health support, and financial security – the best kind of 2-for-1 good vibes for the environment AND our community!

Pro tip: Register your bottle on the Ocean Bottle App, and Ocean Bottle will collect more plastic every time you use it. Plus, they’ll help you find nearby places to refill!

Ocean Bottle carries a variety of different drinkware options and an array of beautiful earth tone colors for any brand need or marketing campaign. Whether you are on land or sea, let Ocean Bottle be your trusted champion on the journey to a brighter and cleaner future.

Reach out to NorthPoint today to get your eco-friendly campaign in the works with these stunning and earth-friendly bottles!

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