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Hot Item of the Week: Burts Bees

Price Point: $8.95 - $9.95

Production Time: 10 Business Days from Artwork Approval

Available Colors: Clear

Perfect For: Employee Giveaways/Client Gifts/Corporate Swag Store Items/ Swag Store Real Estate/Protection Items /Room Drop Presents/ Donation Items/ Mailer Item/ Kit Ideas/ High-end Gifts/ Raffle Prizes

Here at NorthPoint, we carry a wide variety of name brand products…so many, in fact, that you could say our list is blossoming into a full-blown garden! We carry everything under the sun… and you know what loves sun?! Flowers! And you know what loves a beautifully blossomed flower?! Bees! OH speaking of bees – we have one more name brand to add to this list! That is right – we are happy to announce that NorthPoint has added the brand Burts Bees to our collection! Not only does Burts Bees help protect your lips from drying up, but this product also comes in a perfectly convenient key pouch that is biodegradable, helping to protect our environment. Let us help aid in the growth of your very own promotional product garden by providing you with a GORGEOUS logo and awesome products and/or brands! Now all you have to do is sit back and watch the seeds begin to sprout!

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