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Hot Item Of The Week: Phone Sanitizer With Case

Phone Sanitizer With Case

Price Point: $3.83 - $4.50

Available Colors: Black, Gray, Navy, Aqua, Lime Green 

Perfect For: Kit Items, Corporate Swag Stores, Tradeshow Giveaways, Travel Items, New Hire Giveaways

AAAHHHCHHHOOO! The dreaded flu season is upon us - your work neighbor has just launched germs in your direction and while you're scrambling to find them a box of tissues, NorthPoint is giving you the "flu fighter" product to protect against the sniffles. Did you know that your phone is 10 Times dirtier than an average toilet seat?!! This flu season be sure to protect yourself and your phone with the Phone Sanitizer with Case - it's a spray cleaner that helps keep your phone free of germs while also functioning as a phone stand. This product holds up to 500 sprays and has a wipe E-Z carry bottle to help clean your screen. It even has a specially formulated disinfectant to help kill germs and bacteria on contact, because...well... no one wants to talk to their toilet seat! 

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