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Hot Item Of The Week: Seek Two-Way Tracker

Seek Two-Way Tracker

Available Colors: Black / White

Perfect For: Holiday Gifting / Customer Appreciation Gifts / Employee Gifts / Direct Mail Campaigns / Travel Gifts

We've all had those days where nothing seems to go right. You get to the register to pay for your groceries and your heart sinks as you realize you can't find your wallet. Did I leave it at Dunkin when I got my coffee? Maybe I left it on top of my car while grabbing my bag earlier? However those days are quickly coming to an end with the Seek Two-Way Tracker, featuring a key ring slot to attach to keys or luggage, as well as being able to stick it to any surface. Just use the Seek app on any hand-held device or smartphone to locate your tracker (and whatever it's attached to) and your day will be saved!

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