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Hot Item of the Week: The Beer Pong 3-in-1 Drinking Game Set

Price Point: $60.00 - $76.27

Cup Colors: Black, Green, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Navy, Purple, Royal Blue, Red, White, Yellow

Crinkle Paper Colors: Kraft, Black, Green, Red, Blue, Lime, Orange, Pink, White

Perfect For: Employee Giveaways/Client Games/Corporate Swag Store/ Recruiting Items/Real Estate/Marketing Campaigns/New Hire Kits/Uncle Bobby’s Favorite Promo Item

Games – Your toxic ex was horrible at playing them with you, they’re timeless like your Papa’s engraved pocket watch, but they also have every opportunity to turn dangerous like a human simply surviving on a coffee with cream, no sleep, & just the air that they breathe. The most PIPING HOT ITEM of the week/summer/year, for ages 21 and older (tentatively, because we aren’t ID’ing here…), this is the Beer Pong 3-in-1 Drinking Game Set. It comes with 20 YUKON YA-MON YOU-GOT-IT Party Cups made of hard plastic so if they fall, get squeezed a little too hard, or are possibly thrown out of frustration across the room, they will still remain borderline indestructible! Each cup is imprinted with your logo, so you get not one, but TWENTY options of brand recognition. The two ping pong balls and branded cardboard gift box are just an added bonus! And just in case you have your beer goggles going a bit early, or you just can’t seem to remember the bible-given rules, the instructions are printed on the inside of the box for easy reference! Now line them up, put those elbows back, give a quick kiss for good luck, and shoot that PERFECT celeb shot for your next marketing campaign!

Head over to our instagram (@northpointprinting) & enter to win the hot item of the week by liking and commenting on our video!

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