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Hot Item of the Week: The Cuisinart® Petite Tabletop Fire Bowl

Price Point: $99.99-$115.74

Production Time: 5-7 Business Days

Available Colors: Black

Perfect For: Employee Giveaways / Summer Items / Client Gifts / Swag Store Collection Items / Camping Swag / Outdoor Items

This hot (not smokey!) item of the week needs to be LIT to bring the wholesome ambience and good vibes for those “DAN, GET THE BURGERS AND DOGS ON THE GRILL!!” kind of nights! And as much as you are probably thinking “Lit? They have to be talking about me, right…?”. Well, not this time…you bring the good vibes just as you are! For this blog, we aren’t talking about your lovely self, but instead we are introducing the brand new Cuisinart Petite Tabletop Fire Bowl. This fire bowl’s portable flame does a little boogey behind the windproof glass when it glows through the warmth of blue glass rocks. It will burn for 2-3 hours but won’t give off any smoke, soot, or ash like a normal fire would. One of the best parts is that it helps to prevent the annoying buzzing pest in your ear (no, not talking about your dear mother asking you to clean your room) because you can also fuel it up with citronella oil to help repel mosquities and other flying insects! Reach out to NorthPoint today to help you get the party started and feel the energy of a great summer night with theCuisinart® Petite Tabletop Fire Bowl.

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