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Hot Item of the Week: The Power Pen

The Power Pen

Available Colors: White, Gunmetal, Champagne, Black

Perfect For: Tradeshow Giveaways / Client Giveaways/ Employee Gifts/ Travel Items/ Office Swag/ Swag Store Real Estate/ New Hire Giveaways

It's a bird...No it's a plane...NO, oh my gosh it''s...THE POWER PEN! If you've ever fallen victim to the evil low battery notification on your phone, or if you're just in need of a pen that goes the extra mile, then the Power Pen is the hero you need! It has a built in 650 mAh battery, data sync capabilities and the ability to power up your average smartphone all combined into a medium point pen with black ink and an added stylus at the tip for even more functionality. Be the superhero of your tradeshow, company, or event by giving the gift of the Power Pen adorned with you stunning logo!

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