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Hot Item Of The Week: Utility Socks

Utility Socks

Available Colors: White / Black

Perfect For: Customer Appreciation Gifts / Client Appreciation Gifts / Corporate Swag Store / Wellness Programs / Tradeshows / Direct Mailers / Active Lifestye

The Utility Sock with it's fully functional and fully customizable pocket is as unique of a sock as they come. So, it only makes sense that their initial launch strategy was just as creative. Utility Socks were initially given out to students at colleges and universities who had recently applied for a new credit card. The pocket on the sock was designed to look just like the credit card, and even acted as the envelope for the new card! The campaign was a smashing success as the students continued to wear the socks long after receiving the card. They truly are socks of form, function, and budget. The fully customizable pocket is the perfect size for keys, cards or cash while you're out and on the go. No pockets, no problem!

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