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NorthPoint's (last-minute) Holiday Gift Guide

We all know that sometimes life gets in the way of our holiday shopping…don’t worry, we’ve been there. Having to scramble around to make sure that your procrastinated orders will be in on time for the holidays is not a fun thing to do, so we’re here to help in the best way that we can during these pressing times of last-minute shopping! Don’t know what to do or where to start for employee or client holidays gifts? We’ve pulled together a few of our favorite last-minute gifts that can be here in time for the holidays and can show off your brand beautifully.  Whether your budget is on the lower side or your looking for high quality gift items, we’ve got you covered.

Send an email to, and we’ll be here waiting to take the stress off your shoulders and get your orders in before it’s too late!

Level 3: Budget Friendly Gifts

Nike Brasilia Gym Sack

Price Point: $18.17 - $21.25

Available Colors:

Midnight Navy, Black, Flint Grey, Game Royal, Rush Pink, University Red

Description:  This is the brand name drawstring bag that dreams are made of! Forget Santa - Nike came in clutch this year with a minimal, lightweight, yet durable drawstring sack that is the most perfect budget-friendly gift to give. Not only does this drawstring have a large pocket to hold whatever your heart desires (yes mom…this includes big ol’ bottles of wine and snacks) but it also features a exterior zippered pocket to keep smaller items convenient and secure!

Wood Hexagon Puzzle

Price Point: $3.08 - $3.67

Available Colors: Wood

Description: Trying to figure out what time to put the turkey in before your holiday company arrives won’t be the only puzzle you are trying to solve this year! This eco-friendly hexagon puzzle is a perfect addition to every family get together, so put down the phones and exercise that beautiful brain. Puzzles are loved by all and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Skullcandy Jib Wired Earbuds with Microphone

Price Point: $11.65 - $14.69 

Available Colors: Cobalt, Black, White, Aqua, Red

Description: Sometimes the best way to deal with holiday stress is to throw on some KICKIN’ BUMPIN’ tunes and take a quick dance break. These Skullcandy Jib Wired Earbuds provide some serious natural isolation of sound to deliver premium unmatched sound quality so you can really tune out the world and tune into your jams with NO ONE to disturb you.

Hot Chocolate Stick Favor Bag

Price Point: $3.30 - $3.90

Available Colors: Custom Hang Tag 

Description: It’s the drink we come running out of the living room for, it’s the beverage that truly keeps on giving, we may even put down the booze for this…(or maybe we just add booze to it! But we can keep that one a secret!) The most loved and tasty drink of the holidays now conveniently comes on a stick for easy stirring! Just add hot water or milk and enjoy the sweet and cozy taste of a nice mug-full of hot cocoa for the holidays.  You can even customize your very own hang tag with your logo or a special holiday message! 

Enamel Metal Camper Mug

Price Point: $6.58 - $8.30

Available Colors: Blue, Black, White

Description: Grab the milk, your hot chocolate stirrer, a warm cozy blanket, and head on over to the fireside to enjoy a hot cup of cocoa…and if you miss a step and happen to lose your footing along with your beverage and cup, FEAR NOT because this mug is a durable and impact-resistant enamel mug.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

Level 2: Mid-Level Gifts

Modena Wine Gift Set

Price Point: $17.98 - $22.67

Available Colors: Black

Description: Wine nights are a must – they are in fact an essential part of life, and we fact checked with reliable sources to confirm this is true! So provide your employees or clients with all the tools they may need for an “essential part of life” festive wine night…all they need to bring it the wine (you may need to express the importance of that too!) This set includes a stopper, waiter corkscrew, drip ring and pourer in a fine detailed UltraHyde gift box. Let’s pour up a tall glass and CHEERS!

Arctic Zone® Titan Thermal HP® Copper Mug

Price Point: $22.48 - $28.33

Description: It’s tall enough to fit the kind of beverage to warm your heart and soul. The look and feel of it mirrors a Yeti without the bank crushing price tag (we aren’t kidding!!) It features a durable, double-wall stainless steel vacuum construction with copper insulation, which allows your beverage to stay cold for 24 hours and hot for at least 8 hours. The construction also prevents condensation on the outside of the piece. Comes with an on-trend, durable powder coating. Easy sipping, push-on lid with slide closure. Kick up your feet, cozy up with a good movie, and enjoy your drink!

Boozy Popcorn Tubes

Price Point: $6.61 - $7.13

Available Colors: Custom Body Wrap 

Description: They say the quickest way to anyone’s heart is… food! Sometimes we would be willing to bet it could also be alcohol but that’s neither here nor there.  This scrumptious snack is sure to hit the spot in at any gathering or event. This is our made fresh popcorn tube, and it comes in 3 cocktail inspired flavors - Champagne, Amaretto and Bourbon, and features a completely custom body wrap!

Level 1: High-End Gifts

Herschel Sutton Mid-Volume Duffel

Price Point: $74.98 - $93.67

Available Colors: Black, Raven Crosshatch (It’s Gray) 

Description: Whether you are packing up to go visit friends/family OR you are gearing up to runaway for your next grand adventure, this is the duffle you definitely need along for the trip. The Herschel Sutton Mid- Volume Duffel is a light weight, mid-sized bag with a beautifully big pocket to fit clothes, shoes, maybe even the dog, and two straps to carry it wherever your journey takes you.

Golden Box of Godiva Sweets

Price Point: $48.27 - $50.01

Available Colors: Golden

Description: You know we are about to bring you your favorite quote… “Life is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you are going to get!” …to be honest, it’s the opposite of the gift we give you here because you know EXACTLY what you are getting…(although we can’t say the same for life.) Chocolates are important for any occasion, and why not deliver them in a reusable golden box! This special gift is a golden box of glory filled with 3 decadent Godiva chocolate bars and an assortment of 8 Godiva wrapped chocolates. 

Price Point: $104.66 - $130.83.67

Available Colors: Black, Gray, Red

Description: Go ahead – bring the BOOM and bring the ruckus along for the ride! We support it 110%, and we’ll even provide the item for this portable party! This is the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Bluetooth speaker. Do not be deceived by its size – this little giant packs a sound so big, crisp and bassy you won’t need to crank it to full volume…unless of course you need it! 13 hours of poppin’ sound that goes on. And. On (‘til the break of dawn!)

The North Face ® Pullover Hoodie

Price Point: $57.17 - $60.25

Available Colors: NW Taupe Green Heather, Urban Navy Heather, TNF Black Heather, TNF Light Grey Heather, TNF Medium Grey Heather

Description: A name brand hoodie that is on NorthPoint’s Christmas list this year (hey PSST…yeah over here Santa, we are talking to you!) This soft and breathable The North Face Hoodie is a cotton-blend of huggable luxurious fabric for when you are trying to take a quick hiatus from all your adventures or on the move to your next great life changing experience. 

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