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NorthPoint Gives Back

Donate your no longer needed items with the click of a button.  Yup, it’s that easy! The NorthPoint Gives Back Program is officially LIVE.  Check out the FAQ’s below to help answer any questions about the process of donating!

What is NorthPoint Gives Back?

NorthPoint Gives Back is a donation program, powered by you! NorthPoint can donate your no-longer-wanted inventory and donate them to various local charities and programs.

How do I donate products I no longer want/need?

NorthPoint Managed Inventory now has orange labels for items that haven’t seen any movement in over 275 days. This will alert you to items that may be a good fit for donating. Once you have decided you would like to donate the item, simply press the "Donate Now" button.

Who can donate?

Only supervisors have access to the donate button to avoid any accidental donating. If you are a user, contact the supervisor to discuss any plans to donate.

Are there any handling fees for donating?

Each donation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis if it will incur handling fees. Your Account Executive will reach out to discuss if that will occur prior to moving any donated items.

What can I donate?

Anything in your Managed Inventory is eligible for donating. Here are some suggested situations where donating is ideal:

• Promos and apparel that have old branding.

• Left over event t-shirts that you won’t ever need again.

• Items that are just plain old or simply no longer wanted.

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