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Pixels to Print: 5 Online Typography Exercises

Typography can take years to master with countless hours of practice and a skillful eye. Why not make it fun by utilizing online exercises (games) to help? Here are some websites that offer exercises for different areas of typography to test your knowledge!

Kerning is the process of adjusting spacing between letters in a word. Sometimes this spacing can be too much or not enough and requires the need for manual kerning for each letter. Think you have what it takes to be the Master Kerner?

This typographic match-making game can help you learn how to effectively pair fonts together. Plus you will learn more about the history behind the typeface and much more!

Have you seen or worked with fonts over and over again that you can practically identify them by the letter? Then this test if for you! 

This exercise focuses on font design itself. Fix missing areas of these letters to gain an eye for smooth curves and appropriate line weights. 

Quickly distinguish serif and sans-serif letters as you race against the clock!

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