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Pixels to Print: Audio Branding

Ever find yourself singing a commercial jingle or repeating the same few notes over and over again? That’s Audio Branding doing it’s job.

Branding can go beyond the visual aesthetic of your company or product. Audio signatures or jingles can plant a seed for recall in your customer’s brain. In today’s digital age where video marketing is one of the most effective tools, perhaps it’s time to add an audio signature for your brand to go along with your logo if you don’t already have one. Ask yourself, “what does my brand sound like?” Remember to keep it short, unique, and pleasing.

Let’s look at some big names across all industries to see how effective their audio branding is at staying memorable.

1. Intel

2. THX

3. Nintendo Switch

4. Netflix

5. South West

6. McDonald’s

7. Walt Disney Pictures

8. T-Mobile

9. XBOX 360

10. NBC

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