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Pixels To Print: Boost your Branding with Patterns

When determining a brand identity, it is common to include the basic combination of logos, colors, fonts, and perhaps illustrations or graphics. While these are all integral elements of a brand, why not push the visual foundation of your brand even further with the use of a unique pattern? Brand patterns are a great way to boost your brand image, brand personality, and they allow for even more versatile graphical opportunities throughout your branding. Read on to see why it might be a good idea to add a pattern to your brand assets!

1. They reinforce brand consistency

Just like a logo that becomes more and more recognizable over time and as a brand grows, patterns can have the same effect.  When you think of Louis Vuitton or Gucci, for example, I’m sure that you can recall their commonly used brand patterns in no time.  These are also great instances of brands using their own logo within a pattern to add even more brand awareness and recognition.  When used consistently, your brand pattern will gain immediate association to the name, which can then allow your brand to eventually be recognized by the pattern alone! This allows for immense versatility in instances that you may only want to use a pattern rather than your full logo or name.

2. 2. They add interest and excitement

When branding is kept too limited, it can become difficult to come up with interesting and creative branding solutions.  Using your logo repeatedly as your main branding element can become boring and repetitive at times, so why not introduce something to add a little variety, uniqueness, and excitement! This is where a brand pattern can truly shine and give a special touch that will allow you to stand out from the competition.

3. 3. They support your brand personality and message

While color can be a communicator of mood, patterns are great for accentuating your brand personality.  The best part is that your pattern can be anything from simple lines or dots to a step and repeat of your logo, and everything in between (or beyond)! If you want to portray your brand as fun and playful, perhaps a pattern of bubbly shapes and squiggly lines might be the perfect complimentary element, or if you want to communicate your brand as serious and professional, simple subtle lines may be the best choice!

How do you apply brand patterns, you ask? Well, this is the fun part. They can be added just about anywhere! It is important to make sure that they are not too overwhelming or vibrant, however, when used alongside other important information as to not cause distraction. They are often times used to fill white space, or to add excitement to a page that is lacking visual interest. A letterhead with just text? Add a faded pattern to the background or corners. A business card with only a logo, name, and contact info? Add a bold pattern to the other side to balance it out!

Below are some more examples of where to apply a brand pattern:

1. Social media graphics

2. Business cards

3. Email background

4. Custom T-shirts

5. Website Banners or backgrounds

6. Presentation slides

7. Letterheads/Envelopes

8. Custom Packaging

9. Printed promotional products

10.     Office/store signage

11. Business Vehicles

12.     Advertisements

Take a shot at introducing a pattern into your branding, and see the difference that it can make! Even if not used often, it is always beneficial to have a pattern on hand for those instances where you are in need of something just a little more than your logo and colors. Happy branding! 

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