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Pixels To Print: Creative Billboard Ads

When you think of billboards, I’m sure what comes to mind is bland design with flashy text attempting to get your attention about a topic that doesn’t pertain to you. What if I said that billboards don’t have to look that way? Turning this large blank canvas into something creative, or at the very least aesthetically pleasing to look at, just requires you to spend a little bit of extra time coming up with the concept and design. When it comes to advertising, the more clever or creative it is the higher the chance of people remembering it and talking about it with others. So get your thinking caps on and take a look at ten of the most creative billboard ads that we've seen below! 


5 Gum






McDonald’s – Another ad for McDonald’s but this time cleverly uses billboards for wayfinding to their nearest establishment. Their instantly recognizable arch of their logo is also cleverly cropped to look like a directional path.



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