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Pixels To Print: Designing for the Holidays

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, now is the time to wrap up and finalize your holiday campaign if you haven’t already! Nail down your gifts, submit your designs, and prepare your kits…Santa’s a’comin!

Check out the tips below to help get started with your Christmas campaign designing:

1. 1. Use a foil or glisten imprint

Spruce up your holiday designs with a classy foil imprint, whether that’s on a holiday card or product. Giving just the right amount of a holiday feel, foil imprints are a way to add festivity without going too overboard with ornate and decorative holiday designs. There’s nothing quite like a simple classy holiday design! Similarly, glisten print is a decoration method that gives a stylized metallic and “glistening” finish! (Check out our Glisten Print blog post to learn more!)

2. 2. Use decorative and handwritten fonts to your advantage

Decorative, handwritten, and script fonts in particular work very well for holiday designs because of the festive feel that they give. This is the chance to use the extra decorative and fancy fonts that you normally wouldn’t try to use any other time of the year. The holidays are a time where decorative and playful/childlike fonts are FULLY acceptable, so use them to you advantage! To bring out the holiday spirit and typographical cheer, try pairing a script font with a handwritten font to see how your design can come to life!

3. 3. Consider your audience

Don’t forget to consider your audience when designing for the holidays. It might not be fully appropriate to go all out in Christmas or red and green designs if you know that you have an audience where not everyone celebrates Christmas. To avoid any offense in the instances of a broad and unknown audience, try sticking with a more general holiday or winter design. Wintery blues and shimmery silvers and golds can create just as beautiful of a holiday design as green and red!

4. 4. Use animation to add a fun and interactive element to your designs

A cheerful animation can go a long way in a holiday design! Whether it’s just small movement of objects within your design or an entire animated scene, animation can truly put a smile on your audience’s face, as well as bring more attention to your design to highlight the holiday feel! You don’t need to go overboard with an animation either – sometimes even the smallest design elements are most appreciated! Think animated sparkling lights on a tree, or even a few snowflakes falling in the background.

Holiday designs are where you can truly have the opportunity to go all out, but don’t forget that sometimes simpler is better. Find the perfect pairing of festive and simple, and you’ll be sure to have a successful campaign! (If you are need of design assistance, NorthPoint’s design team is here to help every step of the way!)

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