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Pixels To Print: Perspective Typography

When it comes to typography, the possibilities are truly endless. There are so many fun ways to arrange and distort text, and some can even create an entire design with just the letters themselves! With it’s ability to portray a message and create a composition at the same time, typography has enormous potential in graphic design.

One particularly interesting way to use type is to pair it with perspective to create something that stands out in dimension. It may sound intimidating, but with the help of Adobe Illustrator’s perspective tool, this task is completely doable with just one click! Follow along to learn how to try this out for yourself!

1.  In Illustrator, create an artboard and select the Perspective Grid Tool (Shift + P). Your perspective grid will pop up, and from here you can start adjusting!

2.  Pull in the top, bottom, and side handles to adjust the size of your grid.  This is where you would make your perspective either super wide or pull in the handles to make it more narrow, however you can always adjust later on after the text has been added as well.

3.  Type out the word or words that you’ll be using.  If you want to have different text on each side of your perspective grid, then use two text boxes. Next, select the Perspective Selection Tool (Shift + V) and select whichever side of your grid you’ll be starting with.

4.  Drag your text onto the perspective grid and place where you’d like it

5.  Repeat for the opposite site; select the side and place your other text box on top!

If you want to change your text later on, reselectthe Perspective Selection Tool and click “Edit Text” in the toolbar!

And viola! You have yourself a fun and unique typographical design! Take it a step further and built around the text, or even add layers to your text to create more interest in your composition. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

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