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Pixels To Print: Spot the Errors in These Famous Logos

Some of the most well-known logos are those that we see almost every day, whether it’s browsing online, getting our morning coffee, or even sitting in our very own car.  As it is known that the best logos are those that are most well-recognizable, you would think that it would be easy to remember the details of logos as big as Google, Youtube, or Microsoft.  However, BuzzFeed has created a quiz that proves we might not know these logos as well as we thought we did!

Giving you 10 logos with slight errors to identify in each, this quiz tests our ability to notice the details of what we see every day.  It may be easy to identify a well-known logo when placed next to a group of others, but what’s not so easy is picking apart the subtleties of each logo.  This is the recognition vs. recall pieces of our memory in play.  It is much easier for us to recognize a color, font, or placement of a well-known logo as being familiar to the eye, but when it’s not placed right in front of us and we are asked to draw it out, for example, the memory of many deems to be stumped.  

At first glance, you may even think that these logos look normal.  Our brains are so used to automatically correcting small errors, like when there is a a typo for example (got ya!), that we often don’t even realize when something is slightly off.  So when we are presented with manipulated logos, it is difficult to pick out what is actually different about them.

Let’s see how well your memories serves you - take the quiz now to find out how good you really are at spotting errors in some of the most well-known logos to date!

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