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Pixels To Print: Take your iPhone Photography to the Next Level

Are you using your iPhone camera to its full potential? With the quality of iPhone cameras having increased from generation to generation, it’s important to know how to use the features of your camera to be able to make the most of your iPhone photography! And while the features and capabilities of your phone camera help to strengthen the quality of your photos, having the knowledge of composition, subject, and settings can really bring your iPhone pictures to the next level! Let’s take a look at a few tips and tricks to help improve your shots:

1) 1. Adjust your Exposure Settings

Did you know that your iPhone camera app has an on-screen slider to change the exposure of your picture? Holding your finger on the screen will bring up the Auto Exposure slider, where you can drag either up or down to make your exposure brighter or darker. If you hold down the yellow box, you can even lock the exposure settings that you’ve set!

2) 2. Set the focus of your photo

Your iPhone camera will normally set the focus of your shot automatically, but to ensure that the focus is set to what you want, press your finger on the area that you want in focus. If you hold there, you can even lock that focus into place (You will see AE/AF Lock on the screen).

3) 3. Use the Camera Grid for Better Compositions

If your camera grid is not already on, you can go into Settings>Camera and toggle the Grid option to turn it on manually. Not only does this 9-section grid allow for your to see if your photo is level, but it can also help you to achieve the rule of thirds in your photos. This is a classic technique of positioning your subject off center to allow for a more visually pleasing composition!

4) 4. Use burst mode for action shots

There’s nothing worse than missing out on an awesome photo opportunity because your subject was moving and your shot came out blurry. Burst mode is the perfect solution to help you capture those high-speed moments that you don’t want to miss! To use the burst mode, hold down the shutter button, and your camera will automatically capture a burst of 10 frames.

5) 5. Show depth with portrait mode

Portrait mode is a great way to take your flat image and add more depth to it. Make sure that you are two to eight feet away from your subject, select ‘Portrait’ at the bottom of the camera screen, and shoot away! You can even change the lighting of your portrait from “natural light” to “studio light” and more by sliding through the options at the bottom of your portrait mode screen. If you have an iPhone XS or more recent models, you also have the ability to change the strength of the background blur after taking your shot by clicking ‘Edit’ at the top right of your photo in camera roll and adjusting the depth slider and needed!

6) 6. Use your volume button to reduce camera shake

Instead of taking a picture with the shutter button on your screen, try using the volume button on the side of your iPhone to snap a photo! This will help ensure that you have a steady grip on your phone and will reduce the chance of camera shake!

7) 7. Shoot from a low angle

Most people tend to take photos while standing and at a chest height because that is the easiest and most convenient way, but why not try some new angles to make your photos stand out from the norm?! One way to create a more interesting photo is to take it from a low angle. This will allow for a different perspective of your subject and may also give a more interesting background! If you’re taking a photo outside from a low angle, the sky is more likely to make up most of the background, rather than items that are directly behind your subject. This brings the focus and attention to the subject and can make for a super awesome photo!

Tip: Hold your phone right above the ground and turn upside down for an easier way of taking a photo from a very low angle!

Try out some of these tips and tricks next time you shoot with your iPhone camera, and see the big difference that small adjustments and changes can make! From camera settings and tools to composition and lighting, allow your iPhone photos to reach their greatest potential!

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