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Print VS. Digital

Reading Time: About 4 Minutes

1.) It's Easy Printed marketing materials don't require the consumer to initiate an action.  There's no website to visit, no login to use, no feed to scroll, it's just there ready for you whenever the moment strikes.  Unlike with digital media, you won't have to worry about a technology barrier for certain users or confusing download instructions.   It's beauty lies within its simplicity.  It's easy to use, devoid of a learning curve, and a comfortable and familiar form of media for everyone.

2.) It's Available Printed collateral never goes out of stock and is always readily available.  With short production times and low shipping costs, there's no reason not to use them for your next trade show. 

3. ) It's Tangible With more and more things becoming virtual, print stands alone.  Giving your consumers something tangible can make all the difference and evoke feelings and emotions not accessible by digital media.  Customizing your printed collateral with variable data and different finishes helps to also leave a lasting impression on potential clients. 

4.) It Has Staying Power Digital media is fleeting.  That's just the nature of how it works.  It's not meant to be an everlasting point of reference because there's always another piece of content ready to replace it almost as soon as it's been created.  Print on the other hand has staying power.  As a physical piece of content, printed materials like info-graphics, calendars, and cards can be saved or stored and used later as a point of reference.   

5.) It's More Comprehensive Even as you ironically read through this blog post about the benefits of printed materials, you've probably skimmed through and looked for the key points and ideas to pull out.  We don't blame you.  With so much digital content being created, that's how we've trained our brains to digest information.  However with printed materials, reading comes at a slower and more deliberate pace.  Allowing you to more efficiently comprehend the message and key points while also increasing the percentages that you'll retain that information.  With print, you end up understanding the message at a deeper level. 

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