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Spin To Win: Gamify Your Swag Store

As people and businesses are moving away from traditional online advertising, the need to provide value and build relationship with customers is at the top of every marketer’s mind.  The upward trend of gamification is one that is greatly due to its unique ability to appeal to consumer behavior while also leaving a memorable impression.  To sum it up, gamification is essentially applying “gameplay” tactics to contexts that don’t normally involve games or play to in order to increase interest and engagement.  These tactics could include challenges and competition, ranking and scoring systems, rewards programs, or gamified giveaways (like a spin-to-win wheel)! 

People associate games with fun, so when gamification tactics are involved, you can tap directly into the consumer’s innate need for fun, adventure, and competition to grab their attention and motivation.

While having fun is a motivating factor in itself, there are numerous other benefits to gamifying your digital marketing campaign.  

1.  Improves User Engagement

Did you know that the average attention span of a human is only EIGHT seconds?! Insane, right? Now let’s take that into consideration when we think about marketing a campaign.  Too much text can easily lose the attention of our audience before we know it, so interaction is KEY to successfully getting your message across.  Gamification has skyrocketed in the field of marketing and sales over the recent years because of exactly this. Seeing a pop-up spin to win wheel is a great way to ignite curiosity in your viewer, which leaves them finding it hard to resists playing the game (again tapping into that innate need to have fun!)

2.  Increases Conversion Rates

With gamification, there is almost always an incentive or a “prize”.  If a Spin-To-Win Wheel pops up with a selection of prizes to be won by simply entering an email or name, there won’t be any reason not to proceed with the game! Your audience will be more encouraged to take actions when it comes to a game than if they were simply shown a traditional advertisement, which therefore leads to more engagement and higher conversion rates.

3.  Increases Brand Loyalty

While it is always satisfying to know that you have gained a new customer, it is ever better to know that you are able to retain your existing customers.  Gamification is provably known to attract customers through engagement and “play”, but it can also work when it comes to keeping your existing customers happy.  For example, try hosting a giveaway for your existing customers through the use of a Spin-To-Win Wheel to reward them for their loyalty.  Every time a customer makes a purchase, reward them with a discount or points to use on their next purchase! Or if you are running an internal giveaway, reward your employees with a discount code to redeem a free item from your Swag Store!

Brands around the world are seeing success by gamifying their marketing strategies.  Let’s take a look at some examples of success from the use of gamification in top brands:

  1. After using points and badges to gamify their website, Verizon Wireless boosted browsing time by 30% among half their users.

  2. Gamification helped Volkswagen China’s crowdsourcing project go viral. As a result, they gained over 33 million hits and nearly 120,000 ideas submitted.

  3. Ford Motors increased sales by more than $8 million and boosted Facebook likes by 600% with gamified content.

Spin-To-Win wheels are a perfect way to add gamification to your Swag Store.  Try out one of your own in your next marketing campaign to gain excitement and engagement with your customers and employees.  We are here to assist you through it all, from setup to design, to ensure that your campaign runs smoothly and successfully! 

Check out the NorthPoint Swag Store to see our Spin-To-Win wheel in action!

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