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The NorthPoint Hot Box: Brewery Edition

Sit back and relax – this one’s on us! The Fall Hot Box is here, and you’re going to want to grab a cold one for this. Introducing…drumroll please…the NorthPoint Brewery Hot Box!

This brewery inspired kit is absolutely perfect for the crisp sunny days of Fall, whether that means chillin’ at your local brewery or sitting around the campfire with a group of friends and a drink in hand. Fully stocked with everything you’ll need to have a good time, this Hot Box is one you won’t want to miss out on!

The NorthPoint Brewery Hot Box is packed with some of the hottest brewery and beer themed products of the season, but they can truly be used year-round. Check out the sneak peak below of what you can expect to find inside your Hot Box below:

Wildly Bright Future Sunglasses Sour Ale Available Colors: PMS matched Price Point: $4.90 - $13.96

Description: This Sour Ale smacks your taste buds with some delicious style. It packs a creative punch with a bright pop of tart colors.

Hoppy Poppy Can Holder IPA

Available Colors: Black, White

Price Point: $5.82 - $5.98

Description: This Hoppy Can Holder gets its name because of the robust non-slip grip that it provides for your beverage. It pushes the boundaries with some serious “stand out from the crowd” hops and aromatic design, making it a real crowd pleaser.

Timber Tumble Tower Double IPA

Available Colors: Wood

Price Point: $14.98- $18.88

Description: This Double IPA isn’t for bland or boring beer drinkers. Brewed with twice the hops and BOLD fun, it’s perfect for your indoor OR outdoor events.

Gimme More Gameday Shandy Cup (Seasonal)

Available Colors: Black, Blue, Navy, Neon Green, Orange, Red, White

Price Point: $2.09 - $2.49

Description: This Shandy Cup has an epically refreshing, thirst quenching, and standard solo cup design that makes it a “MUST HAVE” at all events. Everyone reaches for it, BUT it’s seasonal, so keep your zesty eye open for these.

The Boston Lager Bottle Opener

Available Colors: Black, Brown

Price Point: $2.25 - $3.94

Description: We love a cold malt-blended classic, and the lager bottle is exactly that. It goes perfect with any summer get-together and carries a bold deep amber flavor.

The Gatekeeper Growler Porter

Available Colors: Black, Silver

Price Point: $17.75 - $19.50

Description: This Porter is rich in flavorful and spacious volume for our beer lovers. Holding a hefty 64 ounces, it keeps your coffee-like malty beverage cold and flavorful for hours.

Crowned King Corkcicle Belgian White

Available Colors: Black, White

Price Point: $31.42 - $36.37

Description: Our Belgian White has proven to stand the test of time with its deeply rooted and elegant design. Brewed with orange peel, stainless steel, and a core cooling base, it is quite simply creating for drinking in the sunshine.

*Pricing Accurate at time of posting. Check with your Account Executive for updated pricing.*

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