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The NorthPoint Hot Box: Winter 2019 Edition

The NorthPoint Hot Box: Winter 2019 Edition
Custom Packaged Cookies

Price Point: $10.07 - $10.75

Available Colors: Custom

Perfect For: Company Outings / Employee Appreciation Gifts / Client Appreciation Gifts / Office Cafe's / Holiday Gifts Description: These 100% all-natural, melt-in-your-mouth, rich butter cookies mixed with milk chocolate chips are packaged in air tight canisters with a variety of contemporary designs, customized to include your artwork. Puffy Drawstring Bag

Puffy Drawstring Bag

Price Point: $14.99 - $17.24

Available Colors: Black / Red / Blue

Perfect For: Employee Giveaways / Company Outings / Client Giveaways / Tradeshow Giveaways Description: The Costanza Cinch is a nylon bag made with durable drawstring straps. The built-in pouch feature allows you to fold the cinch into itself, which makes it great for travel and storage. Keep your things nice and comfy in the harsh elements of winter. Hand Warmers

Hand Warmers

Price Point: $2.09 - $2.47

Available Colors: White

Perfect For: Tradeshow Giveaways / Corporate Events / Direct Mail Campaigns / Wellness Programs / Outdoor Events Description: The traditional hand warmers you know and love, individually packaged with a custom, full color label designed to be whatever you want. Air-activated, these hand warmers last up to 10 hours and have no odor. A creative giveaway item to hand out to clients!

Puffy Can Koozies

Puffy Can Koozies

Price Point: $4.99 - $5.99

Available Colors: Black / Red / Blue

Perfect For: Corporate Events / Customer Appreciation Gifts / Tradeshow Giveaways / New Hire Kits Description: The Puffy Can Koozie is an insulating sleeve to keep your can or bottled drinks cold. The elastic top keeps your drink from sliding. Imprint your logo on the front of its lightweight polyester material and make this product perfect for any occasion. Custom Designed Boxes

Custom Designed Boxes

Price Point: $4.61 - $8.71

Available Colors: Custom

Perfect For: New Hire Kits / Marketing Campaigns / Direct Mailers / Executive Gifts / Corporate Swag Stores Description: A sturdy weight, yet modest sized box for subscriptions, event swag, gifts, and retail. Custom print on all sides and even inside of the box. Available in various sizes, NorthPoint can help you with your designs to make sure your packages leave a lasting impression!

*Pricing Accurate at time of posting. Check with your Account Executive for updated pricing.*

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