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Three Must-Have Promotional Products of 2017

     It’s clear, promotional products are a great way to get your brand noticed. We’re exposed to them without realizing it every day. In 2017, everything revolves around technology. Phones, tablets and computers consume the majority of a person’s day. That’s why these three promotional products will be the best products to get your company noticed in 2017.

Popsockets: While phones are getting bigger and better, our hands are staying the same size. As much as we try to multi-task and text with one hand, our phones are at constant risk of being dropped. We all know the feeling when you drop your phone and instantly cringe at the sharp cracking sound, hoping the screen is still intact. Popsockets can help protect your precious phone from falling! They stick with a removable adhesive to the back of your phone. When your Popsocket is extended, it acts as a grip to make texting and taking pictures a whole lot easier!

Virtual Reality Goggles: Okay, so maybe it seems like VR goggles hit a specific demographic. Surprisingly, they’re appealing to a wider audience than you’d expect! Sure, the younger techy crowd will use VR goggles for gaming or some of the cool virtual reality apps, but believe it or not, more and more industries are adapting to the virtual reality experience.  With a simple pair of VR goggles you can test drive a car, watch your favorite sports clips, or even tour a home listing. Everybody will want a pair of VR goggles in 2017, just make sure it's your company logo that everyone will see on theirs.  

C-Slide Webcam Covers: 

Some people are more cautious about webcam privacy than others. The reality is, we’re all at risk if we have an uncovered webcam. The C-Slide Webcam Cover is the subtle but effective solution for this problem. Even though the C-Slide is about the size of a thumbnail, it’s enough to protect your webcam from being hacked. The best part is, if your company logo is sitting on the C-Slide, it will ALWAYS be in front of someone’s face.

Long story short, technology is in front of our face every day. Brand a tech accessory and your brand will be in front of our face too. As long as you’re staying up to date with the latest technology, you’ll never go unnoticed.

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