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Swag Stores


Set up your brand's store front

What is a Swag Store and why should I have one? A Swag Store is a branded storefront where you can sell and gift your swag to anyone anywhere, whether they are customers or employees working from home or the office.  Build your brand and enhance your team culture all in one by creating a way to make your swag easily accessible to all.  Remove the guesswork and awkward sizing questions too by letting your recipient select and enter their personal info themselves.  

NorthPoint’s unique complement of services allows us the ability to design, build, populate, and manage your entire Corporate Swag Store from the ground up. Powered by NorthPoint Managed Inventory, we’ll fulfill, drop-ship, and track every order all while keeping you up to date on inventory levels so you always stay stocked!

Make your promotions pop!

Promo Codes & Gift Cards
Want to gift your swag so customers aren’t paying out of pocket? Create custom codes that can be used to redeem your swag for free or at a discount.

VIP Pages
Do you have an extra special campaign or audience in mind?  We can create hidden pages that only your VIP’s can see.

Build excitement by Adding a spin-to-win prize wheel, a scratch ticket or even a slot machine widget to your Swag Store.

Want to see a corportate swag store live in action? Check out NorthPoint's Swag Store!

How it all works

1. Pick your products
Choose from our outstanding range of products that will make your brand unforgettable. We can present you options for any occasion.


2. Create a Unique Custom Kit
Create the ultimate unboxing experience by bundling the perfect combination of products into a fully custom designed box for new hires, holiday gifts, special events, and more!

3. Get Your Products Online
Allow for easy accessibility to your products by having NorthPoint create and populate an online swag store for your brand.


4. Fulfillment & Shipping
We do it all so you don't have to! We'll house inventory, assemble all kits, and fulfill orders that come in.

Brush Strokes

Get Started

Are you interested in learning more about Corporate Swag Stores?  Let us know using the form below and we'll reach out to discuss your upcoming projects!

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