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Featured Brand of the Week: Owala

Updated: May 24

There is an abundance of water bottles out there, but riddle me this, Cowboy Captain Crunch: with all these water bottles available, how is it that 3 out of 4 people still suffer from chronic dehydration? Not drinking enough water has a major affect, not only on our physical health, but on our mental health as well! Oh, and we feel like raisins when we don’t give our system any H2O. Talk about a horrible way to begin or end a workday, a vacation, a workout, or just every day life.

Everyone enjoys a water bottle for the easy convenience of carrying water, but if you think about it, maybe it's not you to blame for the lack of hydration; maybe your water bottle is just too extra! Overkill/overwhelming? Doesn’t fit in the cup holder? (one of my many woes) Not enough room to fit a hefty amount of liquid for the David Goggin workout you are trying to get through? See…you are not the problem; it's just your choice of bottle. 

We got your back, my people. Say hello to the drinkware of your dreams...OWALA! Rain or shine, whether you're grinding it out in the office, relaxing on a beach with the sand in toes, or on a Willy Wonka wild adventure in the wilderness, Owala is that brand of drinkware designed to help you do more of what you love with hydration in mind.

And can we talk about THE COLORS?! Owala took a step on the wild side and braved the path of your not-so-standard colors when it comes to drinkware. Their bottles and tumblers are made with pops and PIZZAZZ of bold color-ways, making a statement out in the world that leads passerby to ask “oh damn… is that an Owala?” Talk about an absolutely stunning time for the spring and summer months coming up! 

To really drive it home, this brand of drinkware is crafted with durable and sustainable materials designed for reuse, helping to reduce the mountains of single-use plastic waste that truly plague this floating rock of ours. By choosing Owala for promotional branding, you align your brand with a message of environmental responsibility and the convenience of drinkware made for IT ALL. 

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