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Hot Item of the Week: Antimicrobial Additive Products

Price Point: $0.69 - $8.80

Available Colors: Varies Depending on Product

Production Time: Varies Depending on Product

Perfect For: Employee Desk Drops/Client Giveaways/Corporate Swag Store/WFH Items/Travel Items/Swag Store Real Estate/New Hire Kit Items/ PPE Products

What do these words have in common? “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers…” and “Antimicrobial additives added” – they are both impossible to say 4 times fast without fumbling over your tongue. BUT that is okay – it’s not the most important thing for you know how to say 4 times fast! It is important that you know that Antimicrobial Additives are the next big thing when it comes to your promotional products. Allow us to explain what those bulky scientific-y words mean – this is a magical additive within the material of a product that helps prevent the growth or attachment of microorganisms (*cough cough GERMS… no pun intended!) How FANTASTIC is it that your everyday items such as mouse pads, grocery totes, charging cables, pens, ect., ALL prevent you from getting the ick ick sick?! You must know by now…with 2021 its busting down the doors to radiate all things good and NorthPoint is all about spreading the love and positive vibes INSTEAD of…ew yes, the germs! 

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