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Hot Item of the Week: Ember Mug

Price Point: $149.98 - $188.96

Production Time: 5-7 Business Days

Available Colors: Black

Perfect For: Employee Giveaways/ Holiday Swag/ Client gifts/ Room Drop Items/ Swag Store Collection Items/Desk Accessories

You think you can’t keep up with the trends?!?!? THINK AGAIN!! By taking a quick peek at this blog, you can keep your repertoire of products HOT and your beverages even HOTTER during this winter season!

What a wonderful segue into our *sizzle* hot item of the week – our 14-ounce, oh-so-loved, Ember Mugs! Now let me tell you people…this ‘aint yo’ regular mean mug. This mug is designed to not just keep your coffee/tea/warm beverage hot, but it also allows for you to set an exact drinking temperature for your beverage! (What in the world @ technology?!) The Smart LED indicates when your beverage has reached its *chefs kiss* temperature. Select your desired temperature through the Ember app and don’t worry about forgetting to shut it off because it ALSO has a built-in auto-sleep function sensing when to turn off and on. The weather may be getting colder, but NorthPoint’s products and drinks just get hotter and HOTTER!

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