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Hot Item Of The Week: Moleskin Smart Writing Set Ellipse

A notebook laid out next to a pen that transfers your notes from the notebook to your computer

Available Colors: Black, Red

Perfect For: Employee Gifts / Client Gifts / Corporate Swag Stores / Executive Gifts / Holiday Gifting 

THE iPHONE 12 WILL HAVE TELEPORTATION FUNCTIONALITY!!!!!  Just kidding! BUT since we're on the topic of magical technology, NorthPoint has found the type of product that "Ooooos" and "Awwwws" an audience at the wave of a magic....pen? This time we aren't kidding! This is the Moleskin Smart Writing Set Ellipse. It is a notebook and pen set that allows your ideas to travel off the page and evolve on screen. The Pen+Ellipse Smart Pen recognizes where you're writing on the notebook and captures each and every stroke as you jot your thoughts down in an easy to use app (FREE on the app store). It then smoothly transfers your freehand notes, drawings, and doodles from your notebook to your computer in real time. Simply tap the envelope icon on the page of the Moleskin journal to share instantly. And all this time you though magic was fake?! 

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