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Hot Item Of The Week: No Touch Multi-Tool

No Touch Multi-Tool

Price Point: $3.74 - $5.64

Production Time:  7-10 Business Days

Available Colors: Custom

Perfect For: Employee Gifts/Client Gifts/Swag Store Real Estate/New Hire Giveaways/Desk Swag/Kits/Tradeshow Giveaways

Roses are red…violets are blue…NorthPoint has the latest and greatest new tool just for YOU! This is the No Touch Multi-Tool that allows you to safely touch those surfaces that frequently come in contact with the public's hands – allowing you to easily and efficiently do important tasks and giving you more opportunity to protect and prevent against germs (YAHOO!). It gives you the freedom to open doors, locks, press keypads and even works with touch screen technology. Bringing groceries up to your apartment on floor 11? Need to type in your cards pin number at the liquor store? Use this tool. It's a keychain so don’t worry about forgetting it at home. You can attach it to your car keys or house keys (cause lets face it- we aren’t going anywhere without those!) AND AND AND…with the full color imprint availability you can get “in-touch” with Northpoint to assist in creating some POPPIN’ designs. Be the person that spreads the love not the germs with the No Touch Multi-Tool.

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