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Hot Item Of The Week: PhoneSoap 3.0 UV Sanitizer

Device that cleans your phone using UV

Available Colors: White

Perfect For: Employee Gifts, Client Gifts, Corporate Swag Stores, Raffle Prizes, New Hire Gifts, Speaker Gifts, Executive Gifts

In a public restroom, we take just about every precaution available from using toilet seat covers to washing our hands in order to stay germ free in the bathroom. BUT, little did we know that according to scientific studies our cellphones actually have 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom. (#EW someone get us some Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer!!) Sorry to send shivers down your spine, but don't panic just yet, because we have a product that serves up a solution to our dirty problem - it's the PhoneSoap 3.0 UV Sanitizer. It uses the cleansing power of UV light designed to sanitize any phone and it charges it AT THE SAME TIME! It's created to fit any size phone, but it doesn't stop there! You can use it to sanitize smaller items as well such as keys, jewelry, or even credit cards. Take advantage of the large imprint area and full color imprint to share your message and not the germs! 

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