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Hot Item Of The Week: PopSockets


Price Point: Varies depending on the item

Available Colors: Varies depending on the item

Perfect For: Employee Appreciation Gifts / Client Appreciation Gifts / Corporate Swag Stores / New Hire Gifts / Tradeshow Giveaways

We've got three words for you; Bold - Customizable - POPular! PopSockets have changed the phone grip game for good. This on-trend and in-style phone grip is most known for sticking flat to the back of your phone, tablet, or case and once extended becomes not only a grip but a phone stand as well. WHAT'S EVEN BETTER IS THAT NOW PopSockets are expanding their brand with a whole new range of products. They've come out with a PopPack, giving you the ability to mount your phone on the dashboard of your car, PopMinis that come in a three-pack and include three different designs, a PopMirror, a PopThirst can holder and cup sleeve (basically a Koozie with a PopSocket), and last but not least the PopWallet! They all come in a variety of different textures, styles, and are all completely customizable. With all these new options and possibilities, NorthPoint will be sure to help you stand out at your next show or event! 

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