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Hot Item Of The Week: Rekonect Magnetic Notebook

ReKonect Magnetic Notebook

Available Colors: Black, Blue, Gray, Purple, Red

Perfect For: Employee Gifts / Client Gifts / Corporate Swag Stores / Tradeshow Raffle Prizes / New Hire Gifts / Executive Gifts

Some of the most magnificent ideas and magical moments begin with just a simple notebook and pen... so VOILA - NorthPoint has found the notebook to help your brand blossom with brilliant ideas! The ReKonect is a new generation of notebook allowing you to write, draw, and brainstorm your creativity on ANY surface outside the constraints of the cover. Each page is bound by a magnetic spine and magnetic pages which allows you to have free range of each page, while also giving you complete control over how you want to set up every page in your notebook. From your annoying math homework on graph paper, to sketches of the next great monument on blank paper - with the ReKonect you can mix and match your pages any way you want and REFILL whenever you need. The ReKonect comes in a variety of colors so just add your logo to the front and let the creativity run free! 

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