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Hot Item of the Week: The Bamboo Foldable Outdoor Wine Table

Price Point: $28.00-$33.00

Production Time: 5-7 Business Days

Available Colors: Bamboo

Perfect For: Employee Appreciation Gifts/Client Appreciation Gifts/ /Corporate Swag Store/ Outdoor Items/Swag Store Real Estate/Date Night Ideas/Internal Swag

LOVE is in the AIR…hold on, let me serenade you with The Lion King’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” (only kidding…those concerts only happen in the shower or the car!). The month of February is hopefully bringing a lot less snow and a lot more hugs, kisses, cute little love notes from your secret admirer, or maybe even a date with a nice bottle of wine! OH HEY…speaking of wine, let us introduce the hot item of the week – the Bamboo Outdoor Wine Table. This eco-friendly bamboo outdoor table is foldable and made from 100% natural Bamboo (so yes, we are telling you that you can do your part in saving the planet AND drink a bottle of wine at the same time!). It can hold 2 wine glasses and one standard 750 ml bottle of wine! Spice up the romance and kit this item with a pair of beautifully etched wine glasses for a kit meant from the heart. FEAR NOT…whether you're single as a pringle, have already found your soulmate, or are actively pursuing some SELF LOVE…NorthPoint wants to help you put together a kit that screams L.O.V.E!

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