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Hot Item: The Bottle Buddy

A Fanny Pack for your Water Bottle?! Yup, you heard us right. Stanley-style handle tumblers and fanny packs may be two of the trendiest items on the market right now, and what better way to embrace the moment than with a fanny pack FOR your tumbler!! We can say from personal experience that this is one of those items that you didn't know you needed until it's in your hands. Truly.

In the arena that is the promotional products space, we understand that it’s a dog-eat-dog world when it comes to standing out with both your swag and your artwork. Our goal is to help alleviate this stress by giving you products we trust, love, and that are sizzling hot and right on trend.  

With that said, allow us to introduce our newest and hottest product – a versatile, practical, and stylish addition to your brand marketing toolkit – The Bottle Buddy Water Bottle Pouch! This product combines the convenience and style of a trendy accessory with the hands-free functionality of a fanny pack for your water bottle. Crafted from durable, high-quality materials, it’s designed to securely hold your drinkware with a gripped strap! Not to mention, with your logo prominently displayed on this pouch, your brand gets daily, practical exposure. 

The Bottle Buddy Water Bottle Pouch isn’t just another accessory; it is THE trending giveaway for your Stanley or everyday piece of drinkware. Listen, whether you are traveling the world, shopping for a whole new closet, having a loose-cannon night out with your friends, enjoying a gentle stroll on a Sunday morning, or having a hungover day where the farthest distance you move is from the couch to the fridge, this accessory will ensure that all of your necessities are within reach - your wallet, phone, chapstick, sunblock, and all other little items you might need at a moment’s notice!

And suddenly, while you are in the midst of using it, it also becomes a conversation piece of “Where can I get one of those?” The Bottle Buddy becomes the spotlight of any gathering or event because at the end of the day, it’s cool, it’s memorable, and it leaves a lasting impression! 

In a market that’s flooded with forgettable freebies, The Bottle Buddy stands out as a thoughtful, useful, and delightful choice. By offering a product that will be used daily by employees, clients, and customers, you can create long-term brand loyalty and visibility (a win-win in our book!) Contact the NorthPoint team today to learn more about how the Bottle Buddy can help elevate your brand to new heights! 

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