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Hot Item of the Week: The Durango Speaker

Shower speaker and cup holder

Price Point: $14.98 - $18.88

Production Time: 5 Business Days

Available Colors: White

Perfect For: Employee Gifts/Client Gifts/Corporate Swag Store/Raffle Prizes/ Swag Store Real Estate/New Hire Giveaways/Desk Swag/Room Drop Presents/Speaker Gifts

Its fun, it’s fancy, and GOOD GOLLY it brings the energy! The Durango Speaker takes tub time from a chore to a party and kicks off your very own personal shower concert!  The Durango Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker AND Can Holder is a Bluetooth speaker that has 2 suction cups built into the speaker that allows it to stick to any non-porous surface. The top of the speaker is a can holder that will hold any can or bottle up to 17 ounces (This includes sippy cups for the kids.) With an IPX4 water proof rating, it can withstand any water it comes in contact with. Bring the jam and boost up your shower or bath with a beautifully branded speaker of your very own cause – “BABY YOU’RE A FIREWORK!!”

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