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Hot Item of the Week: The Light-Up Skull Cup

Price Point: $5.73-$6.57

Production Time: 5 Business Days

Available Colors: Clear

Perfect For: Employee Holiday Item/ Internal Holiday swag/ Holiday Party Items/Holiday Giveaways/ Spooky Dinner Party Drinkware/ Giveaways/ Room Drop Holiday Items/ Holiday Swag Store Collection Items

IF you are reading this, you are BLISSFULLY unaware of what is creeping behind you.

Kidding!!! Gotcha!

The older and older you get, the harder it is to find someone that is willing to share a horse costume with you. But let’s not stress about costumes and instead just eat, drink, and be scary to your family! Let’s face it…we get more scared looking at our bank account after a night out anyways, and not to mention, most of the time we are just here for the Boo’s! Speaking of Halloween Boo’s, we have the perfect vessel to carry around your fun little potion with an ELECTRIFYING (not literally, don’t worry!) light up skull party mug. This custom drinkware is a frighteningly fun way to carry around your ice-cold beverage….but don’t feel bamboozled, it’s not just for your Halloween festivities. This cup is perfect for events, concerts, bars, clubs, and raves all year round, not just the spooky-season. Let NorthPoint help make your marketing campaign a little less haunting and much more BOOTIFUL. Creep it real. Happy Halloween from NorthPoint!

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