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Hot Item of the Week: The Watchpost

The Watchpost Wireless Charging Pad

Price Point: $55.00 - $61.67

Available Colors: White

Perfect For: Tradeshow Raffle Prizes / Executive Gifts/ Employee Gifts/ Travel Items/ Office Swag/ Corporate Swag Stores

Tired of bringing a million chargers and cords with you when you travel? POOF! Problem solved! The Watchpost has hit the market allowing you to charge both your Apple Watch and smartphone at the exact same time without the mess of a million cords! This powerful and portable pad gives you the opportunity to decrease the amount of cords and chargers you travel with and open up some space for more important snacks! (because who doesn't love snacks!!?) You can prop up the end of the charging pad or lay it flat to charge your Apple Watch. The Watchpost also allows you to charge your wireless charging smartphone at the same time. So that means no more running around to find an extra outlet! Now it's time to tap into your creative side friends because the Watchpost gives you the opportunity to really shine in design with a full color imprint!

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