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Hot Item Of The Week: Wheat Straw Products

Available Colors: Varies for Each Product

Perfect For: Employee Gifts, Client Gifts, Corporate Swag Store, Raffle Prizes, Swag Store Real Estate, New Hire Giveaways, Desk Swag, Room Drop Presents, Speaker Gifts

Are you looking for promotional products that scream “I AM ECO-FRIENDLY AND EARTH HEALTHLY!!” Let NorthPoint point you in the right direction with our laundry list of items that fit in the category of “saving our planet”, all thanks to the renewable resource of wheat straw. Wheat straw is bringing the green vibe into the world of products because it is not only a phenomenal renewable resource, but is also fully biodegradable. The best part is that this material isn’t limited to just a plate and a straw … oh no it isn't … check out the speakers, wireless chargers, phone wallets, pens, and more - ALL made with wheat straw! Help do your part in saving the Earth by introducing these products to your company’s marketing closet. GO GREEN.

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