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Pixels To Print: Anatomy Of A Logo

Anatomy Of A Logo
FedEx Coca-Cola Disney
Apple Nike Starbucks

NorthPoint Lockup

Lockup: A Lockup is the final form of a logo with all the bells and whistles. The elements above are combined in a certain layout and sizing that is not to be altered. There can be multiple brand approved lockups such as horizontal or stacked, and with or without a tagline. Special Consideration For Small Logos: Sometimes, logos don't scale all that well at smaller sizes and special consideration needs to be taken to ensure that your brand is still recognizable under these circumstances. In most cases, this is accomplished by only using your brandmark or even removing your brandmark and only using your wordmark. (read our post about Dynamic Logos). No matter what the situation is, the NorthPoint Design Team is here to help. We can assist with creating new logos, setting up different logo types, or even just suggesting which logo you should use for your upcoming campaign. Reach out to the NorthPoint Design Team today to find out if your logo is optimized for every situation!

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