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Pixels To Print: Branding Trends for 2021

As the infamous year of 2020 comes to an end, we are more than ready to move onto the next. And as you know, with a new year comes new trends in the world of branding and design!  The branding trends that were once considered modern are now in the past, and we are moving forward to bigger and better things of the future.  Check out some of the top trends in creative branding that you can expect to see more of in 2021:

1) Imagery of People

Designers are using a lot more imagery of people in the representation of a brand, from ads to social media posts and website imagery.  The great thing about using faces in branding is that they can represent a brand personality very well and they help greatly in the humanization of a brand, which tends to be a goal of many companies.  Whether it’s a real-life photo or an illustration of a person, people can be used to communicate the type of brand you want to come across as, using their style and expression to do so.

2) Expressionist Colors

Straying away from the traditional idea that a brand should stick to simple, consistent color schemes, 2021 will introduce the trend of using more complex and intense colors to express brand identity.  This new trend will allow for brands to use unconventional color schemes with plenty of variation to be able to communicate their brand strongly through the use of their colors only.  After all, colors have powerful connotations behind them and can create a huge impact either on their own or combined with other brand elements!

3) Geometric Patterns

We have begun to see more and more companies that have started to incorporate patterns as an extension of their brand, and we are loving it! Having patterns allows for the perfect addition of something in the middle of photo imagery and text.  They are often stimulating enough (without being distracting) that they take your brand experience to the next level, whether its included in elements like a website background, printed collateral, or even swag.

4) Imperfection

To all of my perfectionists out there, this one might hit hard.  Younger consumers have been seen to often prefer a look that’s not “perfect”, meaning there is asymmetry, scribbled writing, disproportion, and so on.  Having intentional imperfection combined with things like illustration and handwritten fonts is a trend that brands are starting to take the lead on.  While it may not work for all brands, it is definitely a trend that can be applied with brands that target younger audiences and more offbeat markets.   

5) Creating an Experience

This one is for sure a NorthPoint favorite! Due to the increasing amount of online purchases, the unboxing experience is now more crucial than ever.  Branding has become much more than just a logo or website.  Creating an experience by focusing on every step of the unboxing experience, from box design to sticker sheet inserts, to a personalized note,  will most definitely leave a lasting impact on your customer! What’s even better about this is that you can use an outside source to take care of this entire process for you (cough cough…NORTHPOINT!), from promotional products to box designing, and even as far as online swag store creation and shipping!

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