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Pixels to Print: Design Graveyard

Design projects yield a bunch of creative ideas, some good and some not-so good. Ultimately, only one option gets the final approval and you’re left with all these left over ideas and designs. These eventually get laid to rest in the design graveyard – some to never see the light of day again. However, there are instances where you can to bring your designs, or at least some elements, back to life. Why Design Graveyards are important: 1. You learning new skills from exploring different options. 2. You learn from mistakes either conceptually or with the design. 3. You can always re-use elements you’ve created elsewhere. 4. These designs and ideas could act as ready-made design somewhere else! So keep your design graveyard cataloged so you can go back and dig up items you may need in the future. Here are some past projects at NorthPoint where designs and ideas changed a lot compared to the approved design. 1. Swag Hoodie

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