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Pixels to Print: Digital Painting

Digital Painting is a new medium for the digital age -- creating beautiful artwork without the mess of paint and no need to wait for drying. Programs today can mimic the physics and texture of paints on screen, although it still requires the same skill and knowledge of regular painting. Choose any color you want, any style of brush, and any texture of canvas.

Using some sort of interface, either graphic tablet or display, in conjunction with a stylus to act as your brush, allows you to get started painting digitally. Programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Procreate have special features that are perfect for digital painting, such as the ability to simulate pressure from the stylus, or paint on separate layers to allow you to tweak them when needed. Make a mistake? Just hit undo! The digital process is streamlined and more convenient than traditional painting.

Have a look at these works of art below to see how beautiful and unique digital painting can really be.

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