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Pixels To Print: Face Mask Decoration

In these unique days of 2020, face masks have become the main attraction whether we like it or not.  They are essential in protecting ourselves and others from the spread of COVID-19, so inevitably, they have become a staple part of our everyday attire.  Nevertheless, with face masks being worn front and center on a person’s face, they just so happen to also be a prime opportunity to promote your brand or message.  As you have probably already seen, there has been a plethora of fun and creative mask decorations out there, and we are here to assist you in creating yours!

Before you get started on your latest mask order, we want to give you some tips on ensuring that your mask design is creative, but also effective. 


People often forget that if a decoration or logo covers the majority of a mask or the mouth-region of the mask, breathability is affected.  If it’s difficult to breathe in your mask, you wouldn’t want to wear it, right? This is why it’s important to take into consideration the placement of your decoration to allow for comfortable breathability while still providing protection.

1) Remove any background color fills

While it’s not recommended to place a logo in the center of a mask, it is better to have it be an outlined logo than a full color filled logo to help prevent breathing difficulty.

2) Off-center placement

Placing your logo on the left or right side of a mask is always the best bet for maximum breathability, especially if your logo must have a color fill.

Decorating Techniques

Two-ply face masks offer better protection than single ply and thinner options, however, these types of masks require a specific decorating technique that plays a large role in the decoration limitations. While being decorated, two-ply (and sometimes single-play) masks are held in place with a special clamping pallet, and because these clamping systems take up space, the whole area of the mask sometimes isn’t equally available for decoration. However, depending on the equipment being used, a larger decoration size may be achievable – so always ask us first!

Check out these general guidelines for ideal printing areas that account for clamping systems, hopping areas, and heat press platen sizes!

Decorating Types

Because it is always best to keep temperatures as low as possible when decorating masks, the best and most recommended methods of decoration are the following:

  1. Pad Printing - Uses a silicone pad to transfer an image onto an item

  2. Heat Transfer - Uses a cap press and/or a small platen 

  3. Screen Printing - Uses water-based inks, a facemask clamp or a pocket pallet with light tack

  4. Embroidery - Seals the backing with a laminate seal

  5. Direct-to-Garment - Sprays the ink onto the garment

If you have any questions about mask decorations, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at NorthPoint, and we can help you to achieve both a functional and creatively designed mask that will be appreciated by all!

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