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Pixels To Print: Graphic Design Trends for 2022

Trends in design, while often discussed as a yearly matter, are constantly and consistently changing based on the changing world around us.  And when the world changes (which it most certainly drastically has within the past couple of years), our design and art trends tend to change to match the energy, feelings, and interactions of the world.  Graphic design trends are influenced by many factors, from changing tastes in fashion to social changes and advances in technology.  It ultimately responds to the way we live in every sense of the word: the way we communicate, the way we work, the things we do for fun, and the things we value most at a particular time. 

With that being said, the world right now is continuously picking itself up from a lingering pandemic, so the trends from this year represent a tentative second wave – in this case, it’s previous trends that are making a return.  To be fair, we’ve seen a resurgence of old and “vintage” trends for a while now, but we can only see them to continue to be more and more prevalent this year. 

Top Graphic Design Trends for 2022

1.  90’s Comeback

We’ve definitely noticed this trend happening in the fashion world within the past few years, but it has officially moved its way into graphic design. Through the increased use of Memphis design patterns, simple geometric shapes and lines, color blocks, grainy textures, serif fonts, and muted colors, the 90’s nostalgia is in full swing as a way to look back with a sense of fond memories and comfort.  With the overwhelming external things going on in the world, people are turning towards familiarity and comfort mixed with minimalism.

2.  Flat design

For many years, designers have been working to keep finding ways to use flat vector artwork in an interesting and creative way.  In 2022, flat design will continue to move upward in trends.  Inspired by the flat colors and limited perspectives of Japan’s Ukiyo-e artwork, designers today are recreating these stylized flat designs with new effects and techniques.

3.  Doodles & line drawings

Think back to your high school notebooks, your aimless zoom meeting shapes and scribbles…now what if those could become actual finished designs? Doodles and line drawings are becoming more and more popular in graphic design, being used as space fillers, background patterns, brand graphics, or at times even as the main focus of your design! This style brings a personal and approachable touch to your design, which is something that is becoming more attractive during a time when we crave personal interaction more than ever.

4.  Eco & nature focus

Because we are in the midst of an ongoing period of increased isolation, another shift of focus in the world is towards all things nature and outdoors.  And in addition to that, the eco-friendly and sustainable trend continues to be on the upward rise, becoming something that exists and is important to many more companies worldwide.  With these two things, an eco and nature focus in design has grown as well. Green colors, organic textures and natural images are what’s in for 2022.  

5.  Parametric Patterns

While patterns will always be an “on trend” element in design, parametric patterns are taking over in 2022. These types of patterns consist of intricate geometric structures that formed by relative lines or shapes.  In a way, they are used to create optical illusions of a three dimension object when really it is the morphing of the lines and shapes that are placed in a way that creates a sense of movement and three dimensional objects. Parametric patterns are an excellent way to create something interesting and complex while actually using minimal elements.

6.  3D & 2D combinations

Over the recent years, the trends of flat design AND 3D design have both been prevalent yet kept completely separate. Well, we are finally seeing a merging of the two, and honestly…we are loving this trend! Even integrating one or two three dimensional objects in a flat design can be all that you need to successfully add interest. We are even seeing the combination of flat design with 3D animation, taking this trend to a whole new level.

Overall, the trends for 2022 are expected to truly match the times that we are living in with a greater attention to authenticity, human and natural connection, social purpose, and creating unpredictable art to break from the lull that we’ve been in. This will be the year of breaking through molds and crushing design boundaries!

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