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Pixels to Print: Heat Transfer

Ever want your full color logo (which might include some gradients) imprinted on a t-shirt but find yourself having to defer to your one-color logo with screen printing? Well, heat transfer imprinting could be your solution!

How it works:

There are two main methods of heat transfer. Either with special ink printed graphics on transfer paper, or vinyl cut outs of your intended design. Both ways use the same process of applying the design. Using a heat press, the pressure and heat will melt the adhesive on the back of the graphic and adhere to the item, creating a lasting bond.

What is it used for:

Apparel such as sports uniforms, corporate wear, comfy clothes, etc., also drinkware, notebooks, umbrellas, collateral and more!

Pro: These kinds of prints produce high-quality, colorful prints of photo-realistic images, which allows for extremely detailed and design crazy prints. These prints are also very durable and work well for objects that exposed to the elements making it a good long-term solution. Not limited to certain t-shirt blends.

Con: Large quantity runs can be a little bit expensive. The graphic is not fused to the material of the item like in dye sublimation, but rather sits on top.

Need graphics or apparel printed for your upcoming tradeshow? Utilize the printing expertise of NorthPoint!

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