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Pixels To Print: Imprint Types

Imprint Types

Screen Printing NorthPoint Logo

Screen printing is the most common method of decoration. A stencil, or screen, for each color in your design is created so that one color of ink is applied at a time. NorthPoint offers screen printing of up to 8 colors! Designs with more colors will require more screens and incur a longer production time, while designs with less colors are quicker to produce as they require less screens.

Recommended for apparel and all promotional products.

Full Color NorthPoint Logo

Full Color/4-Color Process

With Full Color/4-Color Process printing, the ink is digitally printed directly on your item. This method allows for more color combinations and gradients since it uses CMYK ink like a standard printer.

Recommended for specific promotional items & when printing with a gradient.

HXD NorthPoint Logo

HXD is one of the newest decoration methods in the industry. It brings your logo to life using a combination of unique styles that only this imprint method can provide. These 3D imprints come in standard or metallic finish, or any combination of the two. Add texture and different border styles to give your logo another dimension.

Recommended for apparel, bags, journals, and more.

Embroidery NorthPoint Logo

Embroidery is one of the most popular imprinting methods for apparel. Add value to your apparel by using needle and thread to recreate your logo.

Recommended for sturdier shirts, polos, jackets, hats, blankets, and more.

Deboss NorthPoint Logo

Deboss is the method of using a heat-pressed die and pushing it into the material to create an imprint. This offers a subtly elegant way to incorporate your logo on your promotional products. You can even add a leather patch with a debossed logo to your apparel to give in an upscale/retail feel.

Recommended for journals, leather goods, silicone bands, and more.

Laser NorthPoint Logo

Laser Engraving or etching is a versatile imprint method that provides a clean look every time. Go bold or subtle depending on the underlying material.

Recommended for metal, glass, ceramic, and wood surfaces such as drinkware, pens, and more.

Have questions regarding which imprint is best for your next project? Feel free to reach out to the NorthPoint Design Team for some tips and/or advice. We're looking at and working with different decoration methods every day and we'd love to make sure your next project makes the impact you're looking for!

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