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Pixels To Print: Kitting 101

One of the hottest trends in business right now is creating branded kits, whether it’s a subscription box, an onboarding kit, or even just a custom kit to hand out as an employee or client gift. The simple act of giving a kit is almost like giving a gift to your clients or employees, which creates an experience that is both memorable and share-worthy. It is this experience that can set your brand apart from others and allow you to be able to engage with your audience in a more exciting way.  Now while the idea of  creating a kit sounds great, it may come as a struggle to some to kickstart the project and decide what you want to do for it.  In an attempt to lessen the stress of this process, we have come up with a guide to help you in planning out your next kitting project.

1) Choose products to include in your kit

It is best to do this step first so that you can go on to choose the box style and size that fits its contents.  Depending on your budget and purpose for your kit, choose one or a variety of items to include inside.  A new hire kit like the one below might include a notebook, pen, mug, tumbler, t-shirt, water bottle, or wireless charger. 

2) Choose your box style and material

While this may seem like a simple step in your kitting process, it is quite an important one that can add even more value to the experience that your audience receives.  Just a few box options to choose from include the most popularly used display mailers, along with top open gift mailers, carry-handles boxes, and more.  

The material of your box is just as important in leaving a lasting impression.  It influences the look and feel of your packaging and makes a memorable impact on the receiver. While the material options of your box provider may vary, some common examples are corrugated board (or cardboard), kraft, standard white corrugated, or a premium white corrugated with a glossy finish.  Depending on your brand aesthetic or the goal that you are trying to achieve, the material used for your box makes a big difference. For example, a glossy material is a great option to elevate the look and feel of your box, which would be a perfect material to use when sending executive gifts.  

3) Design your box

The most important part! Having a design that wows your audience from the second they receive it is what can make or break the experience.  First impressions are everything, and that 100% applies to kitting experiences as well! Not only will a good design impress your audience, but it will also encourage social sharing, something that will increase your brand awareness and reach in the long run.  

4) Consider additional packaging extras to add in or on your box

When sending out your kits, potential damage to the contents of the box is always a huge concern.  Will the box be destroyed in the process? Will my products be broken from moving around in the box? These are valid and important questions, which is why considering additional packaging options is important depending on your budget and how fragile your products are.  Void fill such as crinkle paper, bubble wrap, or custom foam inserts are great additions to enhance product protection of your contents, as well as to add to your brand representation in general. Labels are another great option to add to your box, as they can help add security and can also enhance the outside appearance of your box! And lastly, adding printed material like a postcard to your kit is a great opportunity to write a message or include descriptions of what is in the kit in a fun and creative way. 

5) Send out your kits!

Depending on if you’re shipping out your kits or hand delivering them, it is important to factor in shipping speed when planning out your kits.  Plan in advance so that you have plenty of time between when you order your kits and when you want them to be received.  Many providers have the option of rush shipping for additional costs in instances of last-minute requests, but it is always best to have your order go out with more than enough time to spare.

6) Share on social media

Last and most definitely not least, share your kits on social media! If your kit is going to be a gift, you may not want to spoil the surprise, but if you are sending out subscription or reward kits, sharing on social media can increase the excitement and anticipation of receiving your kit.  If you don’t want to give away what the contents of your box are, perhaps you could just give a sneak peak of the outside of your box, so that your audience can’t help but sign up to receive your kit and find out what’s inside! In today’s world, social media plays a huge role in marketing, so putting your kit out into the world of social media can definitely help to increase the awareness and value of your brand.

If you’re interested in or planning on creating a marketing campaign that includes kitting, let us help! At NorthPoint, we work with you to make the process as smooth as can be.  We are the one-stop shop for kitting projects, from finding the perfect promotional products to include in your kit, to creating a completely custom designed box.  Combine that with NorthPoint’s unique ability to Pick, Pack, and Ship everything out for you, as well as our opportunity to hold your extra kits in our inventory warehouse until you need them next, and you will be good to go for a successful marketing campaign! 

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