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Pixels To Print: Logos with Double Meanings

With logos being the first impression and visual representation of your brand, it is important to make sure that its design has meaning and gives quick insight into what your brand is and what you do. Sometimes it can be tricky to fit everything important into one simple logo, but many brands have taken on the challenge in a fun and clever way! Check out these logos below of brands that have cleverly designed their logo to have two images or two meanings built into one icon. Can you spot all of the hidden double meanings?

See the arrow between the E and the X? It stands for speed, accuracy, strive for perfection, and perseverance in achieving goals.

The arrow going from A to Z gives the message that they sell everything from A to Z. The same arrow also visualizes the smile that the customers of the company would experience by shopping on their website.

Have you ever noticed the bear on the side of the mountain in the Toblerone logo? It appears to just be snow on the side of a mountain, but there is in fact the shape of a bear to represent Bern, the Swiss capital where the bar was created, which is also called the “City of Bears” (and its symbol is a bear featured on the coat of arms of the city).

Tostitos’ logo shows how they create the perfect party food; a chip that brings people together.  If you look closely at the two "T's" in the middle, you'll notice that they also represent human figures sharing chips and dip.

This community-based organization prides itself on making people’s lives better, with the trademark to prove it. It’s no surprise that the not-for-profit’s logo makes use of some simultaneously functional and encouraging lettering: the lowercase “G” in “goodwill” doubles as a smiling face and appears twice in the company’s logo.

Using double or hidden meanings within a logo not only provides more interest, but is also a great way to express several things at once. Having easter eggs and hidden messages within a logo can even give your audience the sense of a puzzle within your logo, and there’s nothing like the feeling when you successfully solve a puzzle!

How many of these double meanings did you know?

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