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Pixels to Print: Name Your Own Color

Do you have a signature color that represents who you are so much that it should be named after you? Or ever think how nice it would be to become sole owner of your brand colors? Kolormark can help make your dreams come true! 

The Kolormark project wants to name every color in the world – all 16,777,216 colors! This platform allows you to purchase a color for $1 to give it it’s own name for others to see. Once one is named, it’s no long available, so better get there quick (as of this write-up there are currently 14,493,732 available but going fast). The great thing is you also get a direct link to the color you name so it’s easy to access and share. Also, you can order a 12x16 framed certificate of your named color to hang up.

We shared this around the NorthPoint office and here are some colors we named!

And of course we named our iconic NorthPoint blues!

Act fast to grab your colors! Get your first one free by using promo code PRODUCTHUNT at checkout at Kolormark

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